styling complementary colors

In this age of fashion, I‘m beginning to see a lot of risk taking, especially when it comes to color. Color blocking, mixing prints, and monochromatic attire were often categorized as editorial fashion, never to be seen on the average person. But I am happy to announce that this is no longer the case.

Although many still stray away from this form of fashion, we do have a few bold and confident fashionistas willing to push the envelope.

I’ve decided to show you a safer approach to experimenting with this colorful fashion craze: complementary colors. Now, I’m aware that this is not considered ‘safe’ as wearing complementary colors can be quite risky, but there are levels to this. Stay with me, Karen.

If you don’t know, complementary colors, also known as ‘opposite colors’ are colors found on opposite sides of the color wheel, known for canceling each other out or creating a drastic contrast: red and green, blue and orange, and purple and yellow.

Today, I chose orange and blue. To avoid resembling the New York Knicks, I gravitated towards navy blue cargo pants (from Cotton On), rather than a royal blue. I paired them with a true orange oversized cropped sweat shirt (from Cotton On) .

A quick lesson on shape:

I have an inverted triangle shape, meaning I have broad shoulders and small hips, causing my top to appear heavier and wider than my bottom.

To balance that, I often stray away from skinny jeans and lean towards baggier pants to give the illusion that I have more hips than in reality. I went with a belt to cinch in my waist and a cropped sweater in place of a full length sweater, to avoid my waist from getting lost in all the bagginess.

To avoid disturbing the color palette, I went with my standard black and white vans and maintained the look with a pair of orange socks.

instagram: @vlaurenphotography

You can use this same concept with burgundy and forest green or a pastel purple paired with a mustard yellow. No need to reject complementary colored looks altogether. Simply adjust the shades to your liking and go out there and kill it!

I really hope this helps and if you use these tips, feel free to tweet me (ashleyanne_luv) or tag me on Instagram ( I’d love to see what looks you create! Until next time,

Much love and God bless,



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