my affordable flawless base routine

So, I like makeup.

I think I’ve made that pretty clear if you’ve watched any videos on my YouTube channel. I’ve been doing my makeup since the age of twelve and significantly improved over time. I do many looks on my channel, from soft glam to cut creases to editorial to heavy beats. And as distinct as each look may be from one another, there is one critical factor that each one must always have: a good base.

Your base is arguably the most important part to your entire makeup look. You can have a gorgeous smoky eye and glossy lip, but without a good base, the presentation is—well, not much of a presentation. This applies to all looks, whether light coverage, medium, or full. Without a good—dare I say, flawless base, there will always be something off about your makeup.

Today, I thought I would share with you how I achieve my flawless base for all of my makeup looks. But wait. It gets better. I used drugstore/affordable products only! Get a flawless base for an outstanding price.

How It All Starts

Let’s begin with primer. Primer helps prep the skin for your foundation, providing you with a smooth and even canvas for your masterpiece. Lately, I’ve been using the Nyx Angel Veil primer, applying it mainly to my T zone, where I tend to have the most noticeable pores.

Now that my face has been set, I usually move on to eyebrows. Here, I’d done my eyebrows ahead of time, using the Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow Pomade in the color “black brown.” This was actually my first time using it, as I originally walked into to Ulta, searching for the E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit, but I find that this works exactly the same (it’s even more opaque than the E.L.F. one!).

How you shape, style, or fill in your brows is entirely up to. Whatever you find flattering on you, go for it.

Next is foundation. I often reach for my Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation (in the shade D10) for its medium coverage and soft matte finish. As someone with oily skin, I prefer using products with ‘matte’ in the name, but I’m also a sucker for dewy skin. How I compensate for that is by using soft matte products. They allow a bit of shine to peek through, resembling skin, without making you look like a grease ball.

I, then, move on to concealer. I enjoy using the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealers because they’re also matte and provide a fair amount of coverage. If you want a money-saving trick, purchase the foundation instead. The concealer shades and foundation shades are exactly the same; the only difference is one letter. If your concealer shade is C13 for example, purchase the foundation in F13. It’s the same product, but more of it! I like to use the shade F13 because it’s my foundation shade. When I conceal, I’m not looking for brightness, only coverage. I want my face to appear as a blank canvas and I believe I achieved just that.

Then we move on to something called brightening, also known as highlighting, but with concealer. Not to be confused with the shimmery powder that is applied to your cheeks, this form of highlighting is intended to accentuate different areas of the face. I like to use the same foundation from Makeup Revolution but in a shade lighter: F12. I apply this to my forehead, chin, bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, and underneath my eyes. What this does is imitate the parts of your face that light naturally hits first. It also creates more dimension in your face, keeping it from being too flat.

Onto setting powder, my absolute favorite. I’ve tried many setting powders in my life, but the one powder I always find myself repurchasing is the Coty Airspun Loose Setting Powder in translucent. This loose powder doesn’t leave any flashback and is easy to blend away. However, if you’re sensitive to strong fragrances, maybe stray away from this one. I apply this powder to the parts of my face that I conceal. This keeps the concealer from slipping or sliding throughout the day and it’s an absolute MUST for those with oily skin.

For extra security, I then go in with my Ruby Kisses Pressed Powder (in the shade “chestnut”) and apply it lightly to the areas I set with translucent powder. I do this to ensure I haven’t lost color, as translucent powder can sometimes wash you out.

Now that’s we’ve imitated light, we must imitate shadow. This is the department for contour and bronzer. Depending on the look, I’ll bronze and contour or I’ll only bronze. Quick lesson! Contour is typically a shade or even 2 shades darker than your complexion. It’s a cool tone brown applied to the areas of your face you wish to sculp. That can be the sides of the bridge of your nose, your jawline, and beneath your cheekbones. These areas naturally have the harshest shadows when you’re in the sun. Bronzer, although similar, is used differently. It’s generally a warm tone brown placed on the perimeter of your face: top of the forehead, temples, beneath the cheekbones, under the chin, and the jawline. Bronzer gives off the appearance of a sun kissed glow. It also adds color back into your face. To tackle both at once, I use the Black Radiance Contour Kit in the shade “medium to deep.” It has both a contour and bronzing shade, as well as a highlighting shade, which works as a great transition into our next step…

Highlighter! Highlighting is the most talked about and glamorized part of makeup, the cherry on top to a look. Highlighter gives the sun a perfect target to shine on, making your skin appear glowy and healthy. I like to use the highlighter that comes with my contour kit (if I’m going for a soft glam look) and apply it to the sides of my forehead, above my cheekbones, the arch of my eyebrows, the top of the bridge of my nose, the tip of my nose, my cupid’s bow, my inner corners, and my chin. This helps my makeup appear dewy, adding to the healthy and glowy appearance I’m going for.

Now, you have the choice to apply blush or not. Blush gives more color to your face and can also help to brighten your cheeks. Some days, I wear blush and other days, I don’t. Today just so happened to be a day where I didn’t feel like using blush, but I still do recommend the Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in the shade “mellow wine.” I love the peachy tint it gives to my cheeks and how it’s buildable from subtle to intense.

To seal the deal, set your makeup with your preferred setting spray (mine is the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist) and you’re done! Setting the makeup is crucial, in my opinion. You’ve applied the primer to prep the skin and now you apply setting spray to keep it all in place. I look at it as if I’m doing my nails. I apply my base coat to prep my nails, then after painting them with my preferred color, I seal the look with a top coat. Even for paintings, painters will often prep the canvas with some form of primer, then go over their painting with some form of sealant.

And now with a complete and flawless base, you can turn this look from soft glam to a red carpet heavy beat with the help of eyeshadow and lipstick! The possibilities are endless!

I hope this helped you not only create an even base, but also provided you with some affordable makeup options you can try out.

Until next time,

Much love and God bless,



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