my top 17 favorite gospel songs

Lately, I’ve been listening to primarily Gospel/Christian music, pushing secular music to the back burner and I can honestly say that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We live in a pretty distracting and fast pace world and it can be easy to get sucked in. However, as Christians, our eyes (and ears) must always be on God. We can’t allow the things of this world to throw us off track. We need direction from our Father constantly and in order to hear His voice, we need to become familiar with it. How can we become familiar with the voice of God when the shows/movies we watch and the music we listen to are nearly about everything, but God?

With that, I present to you my top 17 favorite Gospel/Christian songs that remind me of who God is. When you know who He is, you can understand what He sounds like.

  1. “Rain” – All Nations Worship Assembly Atlanta
  2. “Everything For Me (feat. Leah Leach)” – JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise
  3. “It Will Be Done (feat. Zebulon Ellis & Brittney Wright)” – JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise
  4. “Onaga (feat. Tim Godfrey)” – JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise
  5. “Elohim (feat. Darrell Walls)” – JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise
  6. “Miracle Worker (feat. Rich Tolbert Jr. & Jahana Jones)” – JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise
  7. “Miracle Dance (feat. Shardae Cunningham & David McClure)” – JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise
  8. “He Loves Us (feat. Melissa Bethea)” – JJ Hairston, Youthful Praise
  9. “And You Don’t Stop” – The Walls Group
  10. “Word” – The Walls Group
  11. “Loved By You” – Travis Greene
  12. “Perfect Father” – All Nations Worship Assembly Atlanta, Jaye Thomas
  13. “Great I Am/There’s No One Like You” – LaRue Howard
  14. “Won’t He Do It” – Koryn Hawthorne
  15. “Can’t Believe It” – Corey Wise, Tre’Gadd
  16. “Thoughts” – CASS
  17. “For My Good” – Jonathan Traylor, Adrion Butler

I encourage you to give these songs a listen and keep your eyes on He who is above. If you have any other Gospel/Christian sings you like, comment them below.

Much love and God bless,



One thought on “my top 17 favorite gospel songs

  1. I totally agree with you and I hope you continue to immerse yourself with everything that has to do with GOD’s Work and Word.
    I’ll keep you in my prayers
    GOD bless you?


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